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To build a safer, more enriching, and sustainable world by harnessing the power of family.

Before we start our equipment… before we excavate, load and crush – even before we sit behind the computer to plan out the day, we think about safety. Safety is our culture. 

At US Aggregates, when we say “it all begins with Safety” it is not about seeking a good first impression. Safety is embedded in the way we operate. It is a crucial part of how we live our lives, professionally and personally, and we diligently work to make sure it stays that way. Because not only do we want our workers to go home safely, we want to create a healthy environment that focuses on communication, accountability, and preparation, so that our teams can manage the daily risks of our business.

And it goes beyond our US Aggregates family, because whether you are an employee, contractor, or visitor, when you visit one of our locations, you can expect to experience company safety standards that go well beyond what is regulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

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  • Communication Is Key

    This is where it starts – and nothing is off the table. Weekly meetings, which include the president, area managers, plant and sales managers, the safety department and all supporting personnel, keep the conversation current and consistent. We talk openly about issues and work as a team to identify and address potential hazards before they become a high-risk event. New presenters keep the material fresh while critical issues are addressed before they become problems.

  • Training Is Power

    Learning and leading go hand in hand at US Aggregates. Our leadership is focused on energizing teams with training at all levels of our organization. From new employees who are just starting their careers in the industry to those in top leadership positions, we are always learning and growing. We start by observing to see which areas need additional attention or training and by recognizing good behavior through positive reinforcement.

  • Annual Plant Inspections

    We like to think that problem-solving is a team sport at US Aggregates. Every year, each of our operations has a day of learning and focused improvement. Like most things we do, we bring team collaboration to the process. Fresh eyes from a variety of disciplines review planning and processes. Highly anticipated best practices and solutions are shared and the results are amazing.

  • Rewards Program

    US Aggregates developed an innovative incentive-based Rewards Program designed to help elevate additional safety practices on the jobsite. Employees can earn additional bonus dollars through participation in emergency action drills, coaching, professional training, high-risk investigations, and implementing innovative ideas.

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Safety Champion

Each operation’s Safety Champion is at the heart of our vibrant safety culture. Passionate about safety, our designated Safety Champions actively promote programs and activities to increase safety awareness and to nurture behaviors that help us all look out for each other.

What is a Safety Champion?

  • Encourages new ideas and promotes site participation in the Rewards Program.
  • Assists employees with the identification of potential submissions.
  • Assists with the vetting process during Site Safety Meetings to ensure quality submissions.
  • Assists with final write-ups and submittals for Rewards Program.
  • Ensures completed Safety Observation Forms are submitted with the Coaching Forms.
  • Assists in the EAD planning, scheduling, and write-ups.
  • Identifies high-quality reward submissions from their site to highlight during Annual Refresher Training.

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