Valuable Information Learned at Springville Emergency Action Drill

Friday, July 30th, 2021

News Safety

Plant workers inspect damage to pickup truck.
  • Plant workers inspect damage to pickup truck.
  • Loader vehicle crushes pickup truck.
  • Workers gets into crushed truck and acts unconscious.
  • Workers loading man onto stretcher.
  • Plant workers carry man on stretcher
  • Drone sits on top of large tire.

The Springville plant conducted an emergency action drill on Friday, July 30th. The drill simulated what would happen if a 60-ton haul truck backed into a standard pickup truck while at the refueling station. 

“We had conducted a drill involving the blind spots of a power haulage truck (Cat 773) and a typical quarry truck (Ford F-150) to demonstrate the various amounts of damage which could be incurred at different rates of travel,” Joe Long, Plant Manager, said. 

After further crushing the truck with a loader, a participant got into the vehicle so other plant workers could attempt to pull him out and load him onto a stretcher. 

“The data gathered is proving to be very valuable and has opened the door for discussions in our shortcomings, as well as the positive things we did effectively and efficiently,” said Long. 

Applying the information learned, another emergency action drill is being planned in the near future. 

Click here to see the drill in action!