Francesville Emergency Action Drill Prepares for Winter Season

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

News Safety

EAD dummy Stinky Pete
  • EAD dummy Stinky Pete
  • Dummy defibrillator
  • Ken talking to a group of people

The Francesville plant held an emergency action drill at their site on Friday, September 3rd. The drill simulated an employee finding another employee unresponsive after an apparent electrocution. 

Plant Manager Ken Bachorski likes to keep the employees safe and prepared for when the plant begins shifting focus to maintenance and repairs. 

“We did an electrocution while welding because during maintenance season all of our guys weld, so we… try to pick something that would be a real potential possibility to happen here at our site,” said Bachorski. 

Local emergency services were involved with the drill and went over what the plant did well and what they could have done better. 

One thing Bachorski would like to improve is communication. 

“It seems to be a common factor in a lot of our drills because they are drills and they don’t happen very often, a lot of the time our guys kind of forget, so we learned to be as prepared as possible by reminding people.” 

Applying what they learned, the Francesville plant plans to reintroduce I.D. tags that go inside employees’ hardhats. The cards contain information such as their name, blood type, and medications.