Purpose Driven

We are about the real-ist people you’ll ever work with. We are engineers and scientists, we are equipment operators and geologists, we are the friendly voice when you call our operations, and we are active members of the communities that surround our operations. 

We are committed to being good stewards of our resources and actively work to reduce our impact on the environment, eliminate waste, reduce power usage, and deploy progressive reclamation projects. Our teams enjoy solving problems and we encourage each other to take the best ideas and move them forward.

We think it is important to give our customers, partners, and community insight into how we have approached our work since we began in the late 1960s. Our purpose, vision, mission, and values guide our goals and align our organization for generations to come. They are not just words. They are actions lived out every day across our company.

Our History

  • 1967

    In the beginning…

    US Aggregates was formed in 1967 with the acquisition of Meshberger Stone in Columbus, IN and S&S Materials in nearby Flat Rock. These plants produce quality limestone, sand & gravel materials for the construction, asphalt, and ready-mix industries in the Indianapolis and southern Indiana markets.

  • 1993

    Delphi Limestone Acquisition

    Delphi Limestone was acquired in 1993. The Delphi plant produces high quality dolomitic limestone for use in the construction, asphalt, ready-mix, agriculture and chemical industries in the Lafayette and central Indiana markets.

  • 1995

    White Rock Quarry Acquisition

    White Rock Quarry was acquired in 1995. This location provided limestone for use in the construction, asphalt, and ready-mix industries. (Divested in 2003)

  • 1997

    Expanding Markets

    Richmond and Crawfordsville sand & gravel operations began production in 1997 providing material to the construction and ready-mix industries into the local markets near Richmond and Crawfordsville.

  • 1997

    Rail Line Installation

    Rail line was installed at Delphi plant in 1997 to service rail customers and stone yards throughout Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

  • 1998

    Market Expansion in Thorntown

    Vulcan Materials in Thorntown, Indiana sand & gravel operation was acquired in 1998.

  • 1999

    Bristol Stone Yard Established

    Bristol stone yard was established in 1999 to service northern Indiana and southern Michigan. (Closed in 2009)

  • 1999

    Heritage Slag Products Begins

    Heritage Slag Products formed in 1999 to process steel furnace slag with a focus on producing high friction surface materials for use in Indiana and Illinois.

  • 2009

    Springville Plant Established

    The Springville operation started in 2009. The location produces high quality limestone for use in the construction, asphalt, ready-mix, agriculture and chemical industries in the south-central Indiana market.

  • 2011

    Further Market Expansion

    Vulcan Materials Monon, Francesville, Lowell, Bass Lake, Battleground, and West Lafayette, Indiana operations were acquired in 2011. Monon, Francesville, and Lowell plants produce high-quality dolomitic limestone for use in the construction, asphalt, ready-mix, agriculture, and chemical industries in central and northwest Indiana. The Swisher sand and gravel operation is located in Lafayette, Indiana.

  • 2012

    Meshberger Brothers Quarry Acquisition

    Meshberger Brothers Quarry operations were acquired in 2012. Operations in Pleasant Mills, Portland, Linn Grove, Ridgeville and Fairview produce high quality dolomitic limestone for use in the construction, asphalt, ready-mix, agriculture and chemical industries in eastern Indiana. The Portland Fine Grind facility produces material for the glass, chemical, agricultural and recreational industries throughout the United States.

  • 2017

    Prairie Material’s Lowell Operation Acquisition

    Prairie Material’s Lowell operation was acquired in December, 2017.

  • 2019

    North American Limestone Company (NALC)’s Operations Acquisition

    North American Limestone Company (NALC)’s operations near Cloverdale, IN were acquired in 2019. The acquisition includes NALC’s two quarry locations, 243 and Deer Creek, as well as their interest in a Fine Grind business currently operating under Mid Calcium Carbonates (MCC). The acquisition allows US Aggregates to expand its Indiana aggregates footprint and add additional Fine Grind processing capabilities.