Plant Inspection Season Continues at Richmond

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

News Safety


US Aggregates has a strong commitment to safety and business excellence. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is through the plant inspections that we conduct every year. The inspections are thorough and exhaustive. Employees from around the state tour each plant to evaluate safety standards and to look for any potential improvements that could be made.

The inspections provide us with opportunities to identify any new or additional training that can be implemented, or they may uncover areas in our work that can be done more efficiently. The inspections are just one way that we are able to develop a safe and productive work environment through employee training, efficient processes, and quality control.

Second on the list for the 2023 plant inspection season was our Richmond plant.

Plant Manager Brandon Whited was pleased with how the team approached the inspection.

“I think the plant inspections are a great way to learn and discuss. It has given the team ideas to improve on hopefully showcase some of the things we have implemented. I personally like the addition of the performance section in the morning. It has given added value to how the plant is operating and where issues are or could be developing. We have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience within US Aggregates, and this is a way to create those learning or teaching opportunities. ”

We look forward to continuing our tradition of inspections this year to ensure our plants are always current with the latest safety protocols and standards.


Next up:


Delphi, Indiana quarry plant inspection to be held on May 18th.


Deer Creek/MCC, Indiana quarry plant inspection to be held on May 25th.