Worksite Safety Legislation in Indiana Passes

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

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Program to Enforce Worksite Speed Limits

After five years of effort by our Government Affairs team and representatives from Heritage Construction + Materials working closely with lawmakers, the Worksite Safety Bill has passed in both the Indiana House and Senate. This law requires the Indiana Department of Transportation to establish a worksite speed control pilot program to enforce the worksite speed limit and that means safer worksites for our crews and drivers alike. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this victory!

Pictured with Milestone’s Chad Scott (middle) are Representative, Earl Harris, Jr. (D – Lake County on the left) and Roads and Transportation Committee Chairman, Jim Pressel (R – LaPorte County on the right), the bill’s author.

In a road construction work zone, the dangers to both drivers and workers are real. Any member of a Milestone Contractors road crew can attest to that. And they have — even in front of legislators.

Representing Milestone’s interests and perspective, Milestone General Superintendent Chad Scott testified in front of the Roads and Transportation Committee on Indiana House Bill 1015 – the Work Site Safety Bill. To help lawmakers understand what it’s like to have vehicles speed by just feet from crew members at work, Chad shared his personal road crew experiences while also honoring by name one of Milestone’s own, Jeremy Bagwell, who was killed on a worksite in 2011.

Providing insight on legislation like this is just one way to ensure every member of our Heritage family goes home safe to their families every night. Below is the information we shared with Indiana lawmakers to encourage them to vote YES on HB 1015 to increase work zone safety.


ABOUT House Bill 1015

Summary: Worksite speed control pilot program. Requires the Indiana Department of Transportation to establish the worksite speed control pilot program for the purpose of enforcing worksite speed limits.

Requires that the department:

(1) work with the state police department to administer the pilot program, and

(2) enter into an agreement with the state police department to share information regarding the pilot program.

  • Permits the department to contract with a third-party vendor to assist in implementing the pilot program.
  • Provides that an individual who is recorded by a worksite speed control system may not be assessed a civil penalty unless the violation is at least 11 miles per hour above the established worksite speed limit.
  • Replaces the term “work zone” with “worksite” throughout the relevant statutes.

Information used within the Heritage Group to educate and promote the importance of HB 1015 in Indiana is shown below.