Long-Term Thinking

Our company thinks long term. Unlike a public company that develops strategy from quarter to quarter, we think in terms of investments that have 20 to 50-year horizons of engineering, development, production and reclamation. Our products are critically needed to build safe roads and protect the environment. We take our responsibility to meet these future demands very seriously and as a result, our systems approach is seen in all that we do.

Engineering Driven

It’s been said that engineers solve problems most people don’t know exist. We guess that is pretty true. Every day our team of engineers, operators, geologists, and scientists are problem solving to find better, greener ways of doing our business. By working with our sister companies, we develop new and better ways to reduce waste, manage environmental opportunities, and create a more sustainable future.

Monitoring & Managing

Every operation is different and yet all operations manage much of the same elements. This gives us an opportunity to continuously improve our processes and create best practices.

Resource Analysis

We utilize non-invasive scientific analysis to determine the geology under the surface of our operations. In this way, we can better plan our activities and look for ways to use the complete resources and reduce any waste material.

Water & Hydrology Studies

Most of our sites utilize a Closed Loop Water Recycling System. We know every drop of water is a precious resource, and these systems help us to conserve water wherever we can. Our sites contain some of the clearest and cleanest water you have ever seen, which makes our ponds a good habitat for diverse aquatic life and recreational uses once the site is done mining.

Air & Noise Monitoring

Air monitoring is conducted throughout the operation to capture fugitive dust and reduce visible emissions. We utilize water trucks and water suppression systems to ensure dust is contained and that material is not tracked out onto roadways. Wherever possible our engineering team incorporates noise mitigation into plant design and equipment selection.

Vibration & Blast Analysis

Whether we are producing rock to build safe highways or processing an industrial mineral used to make glass, we begin with blasting the rock to free it from the ground. Like many aspects of our business, this part of our business is heavily regulated to ensure blasting is done safely and within legal limits. To ensure the highest expertise and attention to safety, we hire only licensed contractors to conduct blasts on our sites. We utilize seismographs and video recordings for every blast to monitor and measure the vibrations and to continuously improve our blasting program and techniques.