US Aggregates Partners with Mobil and General Petroleum Inc. to Quadruple Drain Intervals

Monday, July 1st, 2024


US Aggregates’ lubricant and antifreeze distributor General Petroleum, Inc (GPI) recently connected us with Mobil Lubricants to help us revamp and streamline our Portland quarry greasing system and processes.  

US Aggregates had been operating with over 13 varieties of grease from different vendors.   After both of our partners gathered data, they found US Aggregates could operate with only four different greases, and Mobil Lubricants encouraged us to embark on their “Double your Drain” challenge. The challenge’s goal was to double the length of time between oil drains by using a new engine oil specifically made for the off-highway machinery. By implementing this trial oil, we took our 250-hour drains to 1,000-hour drains.  

As a result of this project, the US Aggregates maintenance program saw lower operating costs, had a 40-45% reduction in wear and reduced carbon emission by using less oil. The program also allows our personnel to interact with the equipment less frequently, saving time and reducing risk.  Learn more about Mobil Lubricants here!