US Aggregates Supplies Material for New Softball Field at Earlham College 

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Community Involvement

When Stacey Goyette moved to Richmond, Indiana to become Women’s Head Softball Coach at Earlham College, she knew there was going to be a lot of change. After starting her coaching career at Butler University, Stacey recently joined the Earlham Quakers to take part in the revival of the women’s softball program that had originally ended in 1993. To Stacey, the draw of a startup program was an opportunity she wasn’t able to pass up. “When this job popped up, and I started asking questions, it just kept checking boxes,” Stacey said. “The more I learned, the more I thought, this is where I’m being called.” 

With the addition of the new team, Earlham College is building a brand-new softball stadium that is set to be completed before the 2024 spring season. For this project, US Aggregates supplied 1,200 tons of #8 limestone and 300 tons of #11 limestone from our plant in Ridgeville, IN. The material was applied underneath the astroturf and used to provide proper drainage to the field. Additionally, our Richmond plant supplied about 1,000 tons of ½ backfill sand. 

Richmond, IN Sand and Gravel Quarry 

Since 1997, Richmond Sand and Gravel Quarry has supplied building materials to contractors in the Wayne County area. Known for its natural and manufactured sand, the Richmond plant is unique in the fact that they operate in two different states, Indiana and Ohio. To view the complete list of Richmond’s products, visit our products page.  

Ridgeville, IN Stone Quarry 

For years, Ridgeville has been a top aggregate supplier to Randolph and other neighboring counties. Stretching across almost 150 acres, the Ridgeville plant specializes in limestone products. To view the complete list of Ridgeville’s products, visit our products page. 

To Stacey, the re-establishment of this program is not only about creating a team but coaching this generation of student-athletes to be the best versions of themselves, both on and off the field. “It is important that we create a culture that’s positive, productive, and accountable,” Stacey said. “We have one shot at doing this right.” To do this, Stacey plans to immerse her team within the Earlham community and give back where they can.  

At US Aggregates, we take pride in supplying materials to communities like Richmond. Projects like this allow us to become better partners and members of our community. “Knowing that our products are being used on this local project makes it feel like a true community effort,” Richmond Plant Manager Brandon Whited said. “Choosing local suppliers not only lowers transportation costs for our customers, but also helps strengthen the relationships we have within our community.” 

The Earlham Quakers will start their first season back March of 2024. We want to wish Coach Goyette and the rest of her team the best of luck. US Aggregates is proud to be a part of this important piece of Earlham history.  

Madeline Freeman, Stacey Goyette, and Brandon Whited contributed to this article.