US Aggregates Rockstars: Dan Jeffries

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

Dan Jeffries has worked at US Aggregates’ Crawfordsville, Indiana, sand and gravel plant as a quality control technician for nearly two years and has exceeded the expectations of his plant manager and coworkers. Before joining the team, Dan worked in carpentry and construction. Even though he didn’t have a lot of prior experience within the aggregate industry, he took on the challenge to learn and fully immersed himself in the field. Now, Dan has earned the role of safety champion, a position that leads safety initiatives throughout the plant. 

As the safety champion of Crawfordsville, Dan feels strongly about protecting those around him, and commends US Aggregates for doing the same. “I really believe that US Aggregates and our team at the plant truly cares about everyone’s safety.” he said. Dan also enjoys the community at US Agg and appreciates everyone he works with. “I’ve not met anybody that I didn’t get along with throughout the entire company,” Dan said.  

Dan was recognized by his plant manager Brian Morrison for his hard work and dedication to the company. “He just makes my job easy,” said Brian. “He makes me feel confident that we are pushing safety.” In response, Dan feels proud that leadership is taking notice of his contributions to US Agg. “I’m humbled, grateful, and a bit surprised,” Dan said. “With a company like this, you want to do well and impress people. You want to strive for more.” 

After work, Dan goes home to his wife and two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys being outside and golfing. 


Chase Akins, Madeline Freeman, Dan Jeffries, and Brian Morrison contributed to this article.