Ayron Gors Earns Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Monday, March 11th, 2024

Project Manager Ayron Gors is the latest US Aggregates team member to earn the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. He was given his certification following a final project presentation during February’s monthly Operations meeting.   

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for the sustainable and demonstrable improvement of processes and organizations. It is a combination of two process improvement methods, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean focuses on removing wasteful activities in processes, while Six Sigma focuses on reducing process defects. Combined, the methodology leverages its problem-solving methods to ensure organizations achieve their goals consistently and efficiently. 

“For me, obtaining my Yellow Belt means that I have completed the first step of leaning what Lean Six Sigma offers. The tools I learned through the process I will be able to utilize in other yellow belts or Six Sigma endeavors,” said Ayron. “Its completion opens new potential for continued learning and development of the tools and certifications that I can use to improve and maintain improvements of processes at US Aggregates.” 

Ayron’s project was to develop an updated mobile equipment inventory list for US Aggregates. He said he looks forward to other Yellow or Green Belt project opportunities that could stem from the completion of this project. Organizing, completing and maintaining updated mobile equipment data is the basis for developing maintenance plans and organizing equipment notifications for maintenance or faults. The updated data is crucial for the use of mobile equipment evaluations, movement from site to site, replacement or maintenance needs and capital investment strategies.  

“I would like to thank Sean Owens and Jim Massoels for the continuous help, support and advising during my Yellow Belt Project process. I would also like to thank Lowell Levingston for his help with the audit process and being directly involved in the control plan for this project by managing the inventory. I would also like to thank Plant Manager Brian Morrison for allowing me to use his site, Thorntown, to conduct my Yellow Belt project,” said Ayron.