The Lakes of Valparaiso

Thursday, October 15th, 2015


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  • build lake house
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THE LAKES OF VALPARAISO is a new $50M luxury development. The 408 high-end apartments, club house and fitness center were inspired by five-star resorts around the world. In addition, a 90 acre $50M business park is being developed on the north end of the site.

Dyer Construction is the general contractor performing most of the site work. US Aggregates was awarded the project in the spring. To date, we have supplied nearly 30,000 tons of aggregate. Our products have been used for road base, pipe bedding and bridging material. Due to the shortage of union trucks in the area, Dyer Construction took the unique approach of employing both union and non-union carriers.

Thanks to everyone at our Francesville and Lowell locations who made this project such a success. Without your efforts, we could not have provided the quality products and outstanding customer service our customers have come to expect from US Aggregates.

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