National Intern Day: Anne Hahn

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Growing up, Anne Hahn was surrounded by aggregates. Her father has worked at the Delphi plant since she was five, and Anne remembers visiting the quarry on weekends and getting tours of the facility. “It’s something that kids don’t really see,” Anne said. “You can go on field trips to national parks and stuff, but it’s different.” Anne recently graduated from Jefferson High School and is an intern at US Aggregates. Now, she is experiencing a whole new side to what she saw as a child. 

Growing up around the aggregates industry gave Anne a head start on her internship. “I knew enough to understand and not be completely lost on my first day,” Anne said. “Now, I’m learning what actually goes into it and it’s something new every day.” Anne primarily works with Quality Control and helps pull and test aggregate samples.  

Anne has a talent for seeing the world through a creative lens. Whether it be painting, looking for pretty rocks throughout the quarry, or finding new ways to solve problems, Anne finds ways to think outside the box. Her artistic viewpoint is why she fell in love with the trades in the first place. “I can be creative while also doing work,” Anne said. “It’s problem solving, and you use a lot of creativity in the trades. It’s different than just creating art.” 

Over the summer, Anne had the opportunity to combine her personal passions with her internship. What started as a joke after her dad showed her coworkers pictures of her art became the chance to paint her first mural in the Delphi office building. After the painting was complete, she received an overwhelmingly positive response from those she worked with. 

While Anne doesn’t know what the rest of her future holds, she is taking advantage of this time to learn everything she can about the aggregate industry. The relationships she has created at the plant have allowed her to explore all different kinds of career paths. “Everybody is willing to teach me everything,” Anne said. “Everyone is willing to explain how their part of the plant works to me, and that’s really nice.” 

Happy National Intern Day to Anne and all our interns at US Aggregates. Thank you for all the work that you do! 


Chase Akins, Madeline Freeman, and Anne Hahn contributed to this article