Delphi Swisher School Tours

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Community Involvement

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  • school photo at Delphi
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May was a busy month for school tours at our Delphi and Swisher operations.  In total, there were between 450 and 500 kids, teachers, and parents that participated in tours for Delphi and Swisher.

Swisher plant manager, Sean Owens did classroom sessions with third graders at four Lafayette area elementary schools; Klondike, Woodland, Hershey, and Battleground.  The classroom sessions discussed the difference between a rock and a mineral, the different types of rock, fossils, and how aggregates are used in our daily lives.  Once the classroom sessions were completed for each school, it was time for the kids and teachers to visit the operations.

Delphi plant manager Bill Corbett, and assistant plant manager Jerry Wells, welcomed the school busses and took the students down into the pit, where the kids and teachers could get up close and personal with the mobile equipment and see a working limestone quarry.  The schools also stopped by Swisher where they could see how a sand and gravel plant operates.  Each student was allowed to take one rock that they liked from each plant as a souvenir of their trip.  The kids really enjoyed the fossils at Delphi.  The teachers and parents commented about how the US Aggregates field trip was something the kids looked forward to every year.