US Aggregates Rockstars: Frank Jackson

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

When it comes to operating machinery, Pit Loader Frank Jackson is one of the best in his field. Before working at US Aggregates (US Agg), Frank drove stone trucks. However, his interest in large machinery caused him to switch career paths. “I used to play with little Tonka trucks as a kid, now I’m doing it for a living,” Frank said. After 17 years working with US Agg, Frank takes pride in his work and in his machines.  

With a relatively new team, Frank aims to help by sharing advice he wishes he had known when he first started working at US Agg. “When I first started, it took me three or four years to get used to the process around here,” Frank said. “I’ve been around long enough to give them a little advice.” Outside of work, Frank has the same philosophy. Whether he is with friends or his grandkids, he always encourages them to ask questions and learn from others.  

Employees chosen for the spotlight are individually selected by their plant manager. Mike Wash, Plant Manager of Francesville, IN, wanted to recognize Frank for his dedication to safety and his leadership abilities. “I’d put Frank against anyone in the company,” Mike said.  

“I know my higher ups are busy,” Frank said. “To take the time to notice what you are doing, it makes you feel pretty good.”  

On his days off, Frank will most likely be found four-wheeling with his grandkids on his 20-acre property or playing games outside.  


Madeline Freeman, Frank Jackson, and Mike Wash contributed to this article