US Aggregates Rockstar: Nolan Calvert

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

Leadman Nolan Calvert from Monon, IN, has worked with US Aggregates for over three years and has become an influential leader within his team. Prior to joining US Agg, Nolan had worked at a variety of companies within the mining and asphalt industry and his experience has left him incredibly knowledgeable of the machinery we have on site. Additionally, Nolan has come to appreciate the fast-paced and busy environment of the quarry. “I like that I am able to do multiple things in a day,” Nolan said. “There’s always something to work on, to make better.”  

According to Bob Schmidt, Assistant Plant Manager of Francesville and Monon locations, Nolan has been a dependable member of his team and is someone he can always count on. “He’s my leadman, he’s my go-to guy,” Bob said. “When I’m not here, the guys just gravitate towards him.” 

Upon earning the nomination, Nolan felt proud that his hard work is paying off. “It means I’m doing something right,” Nolan said. “It’s greatly appreciated that I’m noticed.” Nolan also explains that if it wasn’t for the hard work of his team members, he wouldn’t be as successful as he is now. “The rest of these guys can be noticed too,” Nolan said. “Everyone has their one standout part that they do. I am part of the group, there is no ‘I’ in team.” 

During his time off, Nolan likes to camp, hunt, and fish at any of the local state parks. 

Thank you, Nolan, for your hard work and dedication to US Aggregates!  



Nolan Calvert, Madeline Freeman, and Bob Schmidt contributed to this article.