US Aggregates Rockstar: Joe Whetstone

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

After working in an indoor factory for nearly ten years, Lead Maintenance Joe Whetstone doesn’t take working outside every day for granted. To him, life is about taking every moment to enjoy nature. 

Joe started working at the Portland, IN plant a year ago and has already created strong relationships with his team members. “This is more of a family than work,” Joe said.  

Plant Manager Corey Price recognizes Joe for his dedication and desire to get the job done. “He works more hours than anyone out here,” Corey said. “I could be at home right now and know that a project is going to get done with a guy like Joe working on it.” Joe’s leadership and expertise in machinery makes him an experienced resource for new hires to rely on.  

During his time off, Joe likes taking trips with his wife to West Virginia where he claims they have the best four-wheeling trails.  

Thank you, Joe, for being such an amazing addition to our team!


Madeline Freeman, Corey Price, and Joe Whetstone contributed to this article