US Aggregates Rockstar: David Lovejoy

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Equipment Operator and Laborer David Lovejoy grew up with the mining industry being deeply rooted in his family. David’s dad and grandfather both worked with US Agg. His two uncles and cousins also work within the industry. “I remember as a kid going to the Plainfield plant with my mom when she would drop off lunch to my grandpa and my dad,” David said. “It was neat when you were a kid seeing all the equipment and trucks.” Now, David has around 8 years of experience under his belt and is using his knowledge to help his team at the Deer Creek and 243 plants in Cloverdale, IN.   

David’s long list of experiences and desire to learn new skills has helped him become a valuable member of his team. “I like being moved around, doing a little bit of this a little bit of that,” David said. Throughout his time at US Agg, David has helped as a pit and yard loader, tower operator and often assists with maintenance when issues arise. 

Plant Manager Rachel Lockhart strongly believes in David and is excited to see how he will grow over the years. “I look to him as a future leader in the company because he has a strong personality and he works well with the team,” Rachel said. “If I need something done, I have full faith in him to get it done and get it done right.” 

Along with his normal day-to-day responsibilities, David serves as the plant’s Safety Champion. Safety Champions assist Plant Managers in their efforts to increase safety awareness across the plant. Rachel can easily recognize David’s passion for safety. “He has come forth with so many great ideas throughout the entire year about the improvements within the safety culture and efficiencies with the plant,” Rachel said. “He is not afraid to bring things to my attention if they need to be brought to my attention.” 

Away from the plant, David is an avid outdoorsman and sports fan. He can often be found outside hiking, hunting, fishing, swimming or watching a football or baseball game. David also has four dogs that keep himself and his wife busy. 

Thank you, David, for your commitment to your team and to safety! We appreciate all your hard work.  


David Lovejoy, Rachel Lockhart and Madeline Freeman contributed to this article.