US Aggregates Rockstar: Adam Chandler

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

Plant Operator Adam Chandler has been a dedicated team member at US Aggregates at our plant in Flack Rock, IN, for 12 years. Prior to joining the team, Adam worked with the sheriff department, but learned about the position from a friend of his who worked at US Agg.  

Growing up, Adam never expected that he would be working within the mining industry. “My dad works at a concrete plant, and I would go up there in the summers and load trucks when I was younger,” Adam said. “But I had no idea what a quarry really was before coming to US Agg.” Now, as a Plant Operator, Adam works on a variety of projects across the plant and is able to fill in where he is needed. 

To Plant Manager Nick Ulerick, Adam is a key member of his team. “Adam is relied on here at Flat Rock daily,” Nick said. “When people need help, he is an employee everyone really enjoys working with. They all jump on the chance to get on projects with him.” Due to Adam’s hard work and dedication to both the plant and his job, Nick sees opportunity for career growth. “He is definitely an individual that will be developed for future roles here at this location,” Nick said. 

During his time off, Adam enjoys being outdoors whether it be fishing, hunting or hiking. He also likes spending time with his family and watching his kids play sports.  

Thank you, Adam, for your hard work and dedication to the US Aggregates team! 


Adam Chandler, Madeline Freeman, and Nick Ulerick contributed to this article.