US Aggregates’ Indiana Limestone is the Foundation of the Construction Industry 

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Indiana is known nationwide for its vast cornfields and dedicated basketball fans, but within the construction industry, there is one thing that sets Indiana apart from the rest; its limestone. Indiana limestone is one of the most sought out building materials for roads, sidewalks, and other construction projects.  

According to Geologist Zach Hoyes, one of the reasons Indiana Limestone is so well known within the construction industry is because it is made up of 95-97% pure calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is a chemical compound consisting of carbon, oxygen, and calcium. These minerals are most commonly found in marine organism shells, eggshells, and pearls.

Zach explained that during the Mississippian Period about 300 million years ago, the majority of Indiana was covered in water. With a shallow sea and an invertebrate rich environment, calcium from decomposed shells and bones created a thick, mineral layer on the sea floor. “Indiana had so many marine organisms that would naturally secrete calcium,” Zach said. “When they died and were buried, the calcium was so abundant and lead us to having so much limestone here in Indiana.”

Cloverdale – Deer Creek. Indiana: Stone Quarry

Having calcium carbonate rich limestone allows contractors the ability to customize the product to each project. “With a limestone this pure, it is what is considered a ‘freestone’,” Zach said. “You can cut it in any direction, and it maintains that same level of strength and durability.” While it may seem like these qualities are standard for all aggregate materials, Zach stated that these components are unique to limestone. “Geologically speaking, this level of durability is pretty unusual,” Zach said. “Rocks tend to break in one plane or another. With limestone, you can break and carve it in almost any direction, and it maintains its shape.”

Choosing local Indiana limestone is not only the best choice if you want durable material, it is also one of the most environmentally and economically friendly options. Indiana limestone is readily accessible and available across the state. Choosing local aggregate suppliers reduces transportation costs and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Limestone is also an insulating material, making it easier to trap heat during the winter months and lower energy bills.  

At US Aggregates, we take pride in providing our customers with high grade limestone and aggregate materials. Our team focuses on testing and analyzing our materials to ensure our customers receive consistent quality. To learn more about our limestone products, visit our products page. If you are interested in receiving a quote for your next project, visit our aggregate calculator page.