US Aggregates Has a Plan for National Preparedness Month

Thursday, September 28th, 2023


Monon EAD

September is National Preparedness Month — a time when individuals, communities, and organizations come together to focus on the importance of being ready for emergencies and disasters. At US Aggregates, we take this month as an opportunity to highlight our commitment to safety and preparedness.

Emergencies can strike at any time and come in various forms, from natural disasters to industrial accidents. One of the key ways we ensure our preparedness for emergencies is by conducting Emergency Action Drills (EADs) regularly. EADs provide invaluable training opportunities by simulating various emergency scenarios. These simulations provide our employees with hands-on experience in responding to different types of crises. This training is not just theoretical; it’s practical, enabling our team to react quickly and effectively when it matters most.

By conducting joint drills with local authorities, we enhance the overall safety and preparedness of our communities. Safety Manager Eric Reno highly encourages that we work closely with local emergency responders to ensure they are familiar with our operations and emergency procedures.

“If we’ve got an incident down in the pit and the ambulance can’t get down there, then that creates a whole other situation,” Eric said.

Drills also serve as a way to test and maintain our emergency equipment and resources. We ensure that our firefighting equipment, first-aid supplies, and communication systems are in excellent working condition and placed where they would be most effective.

After each drill, we carefully evaluate our performance by identifying areas for improvement and updating our emergency response plans accordingly. Eric said the goal isn’t to be perfect, but to make sure everyone has a solid understanding of how to act in various circumstances.

“We’ll never be perfect, you’ll never have a perfect situation,” Eric said. “But if you can get all the basics down, get treatment to those who need it quickly and efficiently, that’s what it’s all about.”

At US Aggregates, safety is at the core of our operations. We understand that our employees and the communities we operate in rely on us to take every precaution to minimize risks. Our commitment to safety extends beyond regulatory compliance; it’s a fundamental part of our company culture.


Chase Akins and Eric Reno contributed to this article.