US Aggregates’ Golf Trap Sand is a Putt Above  

Thursday, July 6th, 2023


US Agg Elite Sport Sand

Sand traps, or bunkers, on golf courses are hollowed-out areas on a golf course that have been filled with sand and are designed to test golfers’ skill and strategy. In turn, sand bunker performance and form are a top concern for golf course superintendents tasked with managing the landscaping on golf course grounds. Sand quality, appearance, and playability are all key when designing and maintaining a course.  

For more than 50 years, US Aggregates has been producing natural rock resources that are needed in just about everything, including golf course bunkers. US Aggregate has provided golf trap sand for 28 courses across the Midwest, and most recently the company placed 1,500 tons of bunker sand at Fox Prairie Golf Course in Noblesville, Indiana. Fox Prairie is a top public facility in central Indiana and features sand traps on 27 championship holes.  

“The product has a nice color and texture, and because US Aggregates is in our region, we saved a substantial amount of money on shipping costs,” said Curt Brisco, Fox Prairie Golf Course Superintendent. “It is great to work with and holds the walls of our bunkers, while allowing us to rake and smooth them how we want. The players love the way the sand looks and plays. We would recommend it to other courses because it helps our municipal course look like a high-end country club.” 

When it comes to high-quality golf trap sand, several key characteristics contribute to its effectiveness in creating challenging and fair playing conditions:  


Uniform sand texture and grain size allows players to predict the ball’s behavior more accurately, promoting a level playing field and fair gameplay.  


Angular sand particles interlock with one another, providing better stability, preventing excessive erosion, and maintaining the bunker’s shape. 


The firmness of the sand affects the ball’s interaction with the surface and the golfer’s ability to execute various shots.  

Drainage Capability

Efficient drainage is crucial to prevent water accumulation and maintain optimal playing conditions.  

Ease of Maintenance

Golf trap sand should resist contamination from debris or excessive compaction, allowing groundskeepers to easily maintain its desired texture and playability.  

High-quality golf trap sand enhances the overall golfing experience. A well-designed and maintained sand trap can elevate the game for golfers of all skill levels. At US Aggregates our limestone sand is manufactured to meet various customer needs, which allows our golf trap sand clients to get the same sand year after year. Our limestone sand is produced through crushing and screening circuits, creating cubical shaped particles whereas natural sands are round, smooth particles, and the sand is tested by a third party to assure compliance with USGA requirements. 


About US Aggregates’ USA-EliteSPORT Golf Trap Sand 

US Aggregates’ USA-EliteSPORT Golf Trap Sand is designed to elevate the challenge and aesthetic appeal of your course. Crafted with precision and care, our sand showcases the ideal blend of consistent texture, optimal grain size and exceptional drainage capabilities. Its angular particles ensure superior stability and hassle-free maintenance. Its resistance to debris accumulation and compaction simplifies the upkeep process, saving the course superintendent time and resources. 

Beyond its functional excellence, the USA-EliteSPORT golf trap sand exudes visual appeal with a buff color that showcases the course’s greens. Our goal is to elevate the experience of the golf enthusiast, while providing a golf trap sand that meets the expectation of the people whose job is to consistently deliver optimal playability round after round, year after year. 

Zoe Buhl and Eric Reynolds contributed to this article.