US Aggregates Celebrates Completion of I-65 and State Road 47 Expansion Project

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023


Drone shot of I-65

US Aggregates, as well as coordinating suppliers and contractors, have finished the overhaul of Interstate 65 north of Lebanon that runs from State Road 47 to State Road 32. The most notable addition to I-65 are the two added northbound and southbound lanes.

Sales Manager Ross Larimore has been the US Aggregates lead on this project that has taken place over the span of three years.

“It was the biggest project I have been a part of to date and it was exciting to be included in it,” Ross said. “There are so many different contractors and suppliers involved and roles to play in a job this big, so to see the coordination of it and the final product all come together was pretty rewarding.”

In addition to the added lanes, US Aggregates supplied material that contributed to the overpass and drainage pipe work, as well as the sound barrier wall that was installed. The material was provided by two of our local quarries in the area, Delphi and Thorntown. Delphi supplied a total of 276,000 tons of material while Thorntown supplied 130,000 tons of sand.

The next time you’re driving up I-65 north of Lebanon, know you’re driving on a road our local team helped build. We think that’s pretty special!