The Warming Tree

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Community Involvement

warming tree from blog post

The warming tree has become a US Aggregates staple during the holiday season. US Aggregates receives donations from customers, employees and venders and donates all of it to the local schools, churches, and organizations for less fortunate kids to have warm, new outerwear over the winter season.

It all started with Kim Payne, Monon plant clerk, and her desire to do something good for the community during the holiday season. She began collecting the hats, gloves, and winter gear donations and put them on a Christmas tree for display at the Monon plant. The warming tree idea caught on and became a community staple expanding to the local library and even to more of the US Aggregates plant locations.

Kim says, “I so love this tree and keep thinking how great it is to not only work for a company who supports us as employees but supports community across the board for all their plants. Then, to think of these smaller local community businesses and everyday people who have donated and have even said they are happy to be able to donate because they grateful to still be employees this year—incredible! The news shows so many hateful terrible events but in small and large towns across America the donations are still pouring in – that’s how America does it!”

Kim has started an incredible tradition for the US Aggregates family and surrounding communities. We hope to continue expanding the warming tree initiative for years to come.

Plant manager for the Monon plant, Ken Bachorski, says, “She is very dedicated to this cause every year and we are proud of her!”


Her dedication and initiative to help the community is inspiring. Stay tuned for the success for the warming tree next holiday season!