Ridgeville Plant invests in AMI Dust Control Product

Thursday, June 29th, 2023


Ridgeville Plant Dust Control

Dust control has long been a challenge in the construction industry. Traditional methods of dust suppression can be time and cost prohibitive. US Aggregates Ridgeville quarry is taking a comprehensive approach by using Asphalt Materials DUSTLAY product, which has exceptional binding capabilities.

One of the key advantages of DUSTLAY is its exceptional binding capabilities. Once applied, it forms a strong, durable bond with the underlying materials, keeping dust particles firmly in place. This feature ensures long-lasting dust control, minimizing the need for frequent reapplications and reducing costs over time. DUSTLAY only needs to be applied twice a year for the first year, then once a year every year after. 

Moreover, DUSTLAY is designed with the environment in mind. As an asphalt emulsion-based product, it is inherently eco-friendly, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional dust control methods. Unlike chemical-based solutions, DUSTLAY does not pose a risk to aquatic life or contaminate water sources. It also contributes to the reduction of airborne pollutants, promoting cleaner air quality for workers and surrounding communities. 

We are truly excited to witness the collaboration between US Aggregates and sister company, Asphalt Materials. Together, we are One HC+M.