25 Students from Area 30 Visit US Aggregates

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Community Involvement

On Friday, April 30th, 25 students from Area 30 came to visit US Aggregates’ 243, Deer Creek, and MCC locations. They visited in two different groups. The program is made up of Juniors and Seniors and has been around for several years. JR Scott was their Program Leader and he was great to talk with and gain insight. We already had one student come back after the tour looking for summer work!

Area 30 Career Center located in Greencastle, Indiana provides career and technical education (CTE) to high school students. Area 30 provides each student opportunities for career focused technical education.  The career center offers curriculum that integrates academic, career, and technical, standards in all program areas.  This curriculum serves as a means for students to develop employability skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in our global society.

At US Aggregates, we are very supportive of the Area 30 mission. We believe in young students and enjoy seeing them grow in their technical ability and knowledge. We hope to inspire students when they visit our locations and learn how they work. In the future, we would love to see more Area 30 students join the team.