US Aggregates Rockstar: Amos Wickey

Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

For the past five years, Amos Wickey has been a dedicated maintenance team member at Linn Grove and Pleasant Mills. Prior to joining US Agg, Amos had 13 years of experience under his belt working as a truck driver and assisting with maintenance. During his time here, Amos has come to appreciate the relationships he has created with his team members and their commitment to safety. “It’s kind of a small family here,” Amos said. “Even though we are from all over, it still feels like a family.”  

Upon earning the spotlight, Amos expressed how grateful he is for his work to be recognized. “It means a lot that my team can depend on me to do a job, and I take pride in that,” Amos said. “It’s a privilege and an honor for them to think of me that way.” According to plant manager Kris Grandlinard, Amos’ mechanical knowledge and expertise doesn’t go unnoticed. “He is able to fix just about anything,” Kris said. “He is able to come up with things to get things fixed, and he can be counted on.”  

When Amos is not at the plant, he spends his time outdoors, usually hunting or fishing. “If I can get time alone and go do something, I would love to be in the woods deer hunting.” Amos said. “It’s my passion.” Additionally, Amos is a skilled wood worker and makes custom cabinets and live edge pieces on the side.  

Thank you, Amos, for your hard work and dedication to the US Agg team!!  



Madeline Freeman, Kris Grandlinard, and Amos Wickey contributed to this article.