Delphi Plant Hosts Purdue Students for Blast

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

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Bill Corbett talking to Purdue students

Students from Purdue visited the Delphi plant and witnessed a blast firsthand on Wednesday, March 2nd. The roughly 60 students had just had an introduction to hydraulic excavators via the Caterpillar Handbook. 

Bill Corbett, plant manager at Delphi, likes to show the numerous possibilities students can explore once they graduate. 

“Sometimes as students are working on their course of study, they may not realize how broad a spectrum of jobs the major that the are studying could apply,” Corbett said. “Polytech students are learning about robotics, automation, systems analysis, many of the things that we are now incorporating into our plants as we modernize.” 

Joining the Purdue students were members from The Heritage Group, who wanted to witness for themselves what a day in a quarry is like. For many it was their first time seeing a blast. 

While the communications group certainly enjoyed their time witnessing the blast and touring the facility, Corbett was also appreciative of their interest. 

“The workers at the operation have a feeling that what they are doing is important if others care to take enough time out of their schedules to come visit,” Corbett said. “The cross communication is the most rewarding piece, when someone asks, ‘what can we do to help you?’ it delivers a sense of team.” 

US Aggregates hosts many tours like this every year across all of our locations. Are you interested in taking a tour as well? Be sure to contact us here!